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Host: Kay Meyer

General Witnessing
"What They Need to Hear" with Rev. Klement Preus
"Responding and Witnessing to Homosexuals" with Joe Dallas
"Jump Start Your Witness" with Rev. Greg Seltz
"Witnessing Basics" with Kay Meyer
"There is no God... Or is There?" with Rev. Michael Newman

Witnessing to Cults
"Responding and Witnessing to Mormons" with Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries
"Disfellowshipping and Jehovah's Witnesses" with Joan Cetnar, a former Jehovah's Witness
"Family Shield's Counter Cult Ministry and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay L. Meyer
"The 4 R's of reaching Mormons for Christ" with Rev. Mark Cares
"Baptism for the Dead - A Mormon Teaching" with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministry
"Witnessing to Mormons about the Incarnation" with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministry

Family Issues
"Dealing with Drugs in Families" with Pattie Bitter
"Journey of Faith" with Susan Roberts
"Dealing with Depression" with Bill Kuntz
"Life After Loss" with Rev. James Kirk
"Easter Special 2013" with Rev. Mark Smith
"Grandparents and GrandChildren" with Dr. Richard Hardel
"Easter Activities for Families" with Krista Young
"Family Traditions" with Kay L. Meyer
"Children's Faith Formation" with Kay Meyer
"The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers" with Dr. Gary Chapman
"Seasons of Life" with Kay Meyer and Coreen and David Jander (Kay's daughter and son-in-law)
"Blended Families" with Marty Lintvedt and Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
"Broken Parts - Missing Pieces" with Dr. Don Johnson, Lutheran Indian Ministries
"School Has Begun" with Krista Young
"Hospice" with Sharon Agne of Lutheran Senior Services
"Families Need Laughter" with Kay Meyer
"The Grieving Process" with Rev. Jerry Hays
"Conflict in the Workplace" with Ted Kober (Part 1)
"Conflict in the Workplace" with Ted Kober (Part 2)

Spiritual Growth/God's Word/Ministry
"Christmas and Angels" with Rev. Ron Rall
"Let's Learn About Heaven" with Dr. Ron Rhodes
"Difficult Questions People Ask" with Dr. Mark Larson
"God's Promises for Families" with Kay Meyer
"Shine Your Light" with Rev. Nabel Nour
"Learning About the Apostle Peter" with Rev. Tim Klinkenberg
"Proclaim the Resurrection" with Dr. Paul Raabe
"Strong and Courageous Leaders" with Kay Meyer
"Resurrection Quiz" with Kay Meyer
"Satan's Lies" with Michael Newman

New Programs
"Interview Author of "What They Need to Hear" with Rev. Klemet Preus
"Balanced, Christ filled living"
"Why are Fathers Important to Their Kids " with Adam Hotle and Nate Schmol
"Grace Under Fire" with Auth. Andrew Carroll
"Reconciliation and Forgiveness" with Rev. Dr. Mark Rockenbach
"What is Family Shield about?" with Kay Meyer
"Reaching and Engaging Millennials" with Ben Freudenburg
"Islam and Christianity" with Rev. Lawrence Wilson
"Married and Still Loving It" with Harold Myra
"Heaven is Our Home" with Rev. Randy Asburry
"God's Word For Every Language" with Dr. Michael Rodewald and Rev. Rich Rudowske.
"Christian Family Health" with Marty Lintvedt
"He was crucified" with Dr. Joseph Stanley Sr.
"Connections that Matter in Today's World" with Jacob Toman
"Opening your Churches door to the Community" with Rev. Terry Tieman
"Redemption for the Executioner" with Rev. Tim Carter
"Post Dramatic Stress Disorder" with Chaplin Steve Hokana
"So how are you sharing Christ?" Witnessing basics part 2 with Kay Meyer
"So how are you sharing Christ?" Witnessing basics part 1 with Kay Meyer
"From Judaism to Christianity" with Rev. Edward Balfour
"Why is Congregational Hospitality Important?" with Rev. Mark Frith
"What causes Mormons to leave the LDS Church?" with Micah Wilder
"Life in the Womb" with Stephanie Neugebauer
"Mormons and their Past" with Bill McKeever
"How to talk about Mass Shootings with your Kids" with Danny Huerta
"Reclaiming the Home" with Krista Gilbert
"Raising Children in Todays World" with Dr. Kathy Koch
"Gods Word and the Birth of Jesus Christ" with Rev. Derek Paetow
"Behold, I Am Coming Soon" with Rev. Bruce McKinney
"Creation: Facts of Life" with Dr. Gary Parker
"Screens and Teens" with Dr. Kathy Koch
"Dealing with Cancer" with Karen Tripp
"Laughter and Family Traditions " with Kay Meyer
"Halloween and Todays Families " with Erin Smalley
"Are You Handeling Your Anger? " with Dr. Gary Chapman
"What Is The Reformation? " with Rev. Randy Golter
"Do You Think You Can Be a Perfect Mom? " with Jill Savage
"Concordia Seminary" with Dr. Dale Meyer
"The Family Shield Counter Cult Ministry" with Kay Meyer
"The Planned Parenthood Controversy" with Rev. Michael Salemink and Rev. Randy Asburry
"What do Christian Scientists Believe and Teach?" with Katherine Beim-Esche
"The Joys and Challenges of Pastors' Families" with Dr. Lee Hagan
"Lutheran Indian Ministries" with Dr. Don Johnson
"Travelers For Jesus" with Jim Lajeuness & Ralph Kelm
"Who Is Jesus?" with Kay Meyer
"Mormonism 101" with Bill McKeever
"Only a Moment with Mormans" with Bill McKeever
"From Mormon to Christian" with Rev. Stephen Becker
"From Islam to Christianity" with Nate Salah
"God's Two Kingdoms" with Rev. Ben Ball & Rev. Randy Asburry
"Thriving In Exile" with Rev. Timothy Klinkenberg
""What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality" Part 2 with Rev. Tom Eckstein
""What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality" Part 1 with Rev. Tom Eckstein
""Use The Full Armor of God" with Kay Meyer
""First Time Dad" with John Fuller
""Father Figures Change Lives" with Paul Brawley, Jr.
""Joining Jesus on His Mission" with Greg Finke
"Hosted by Rev. Randy Asburry, "Chicks, Dino Snouts, and the Gospel" with Rev. Warran Worth.
"Hosted by Rev. Randy Asburry, "The Gospel for Those Struggling with Same Sex Attractions" with Dr. Bev Yahnke.
""Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ" (OAFC) with Rev. Matthew Tassey.
"Leadership Principals for Women featuring author Karol Ladd.
"Sharing Christ with Hurting People.
"William Kuntz featuring his new book "Soaring."
"The Seven Last Words from the Cross with Rev. John Cai
"Suffering for Christ for Us" with Rev. Adem Filipek of Salem Lutheran Church in Blackjack, MO
"When You Only Have a Moment with a Mormon" with Bill McKeever
Dr.James Dobson and his new book "Your Legacy: Your Greatest Gift"
"Strategies for International Ministries" with Dr. Douglas Rutt
"A Heart at Peace: Dealing with Conflict Biblically" with Kenneth Kremer
"U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of Its Roots" with Dr. George Barna
"Raising Teens with Sexual Self Control" with Karen Krapf
"The Secret Life of Angels" with Dr. Ron Rhodes
"Witnessing Basics" with Ken Krueger
"Gaming and the Gospel" with Jacob Toman
"20 Years with Family Shield Ministries" with Dr. David Vaughn and Kay Meyer Part 2
"20 Years with Family Shield Ministries" with Dr. David Vaughn and Kay Meyer Part 1
"The Holy Family" with Rev. Randy Asburry
"Christmas Traditions and Holiday Memories" with Coreen Jander
"What is the Latino Tradition of Posada?" with Rolando Hindojosa
"Be Thankful" with Ken Krueger
"God's Rescue at Sea" with Don Wharton
"Distortion" with Chelsen Vicari
"Families Trust Him" with Kay Meyer
"How Do You Appreciate Your Pastor" with Edie Norris
"Prayer Basics" with Harold Hendricks
"Identity Theft" with Katie Koelling
"Building Relationships with Jehovah's Witnesses" with Keith Walker
"Reformation and Halloween " with Rev. Randy Asberry
"Beautiful Feet--Serve and Witness" with Kay Meyer
"Grandparents" with Jane Haas
"Craving God's Grace" with Mike Newman
"Middle School " with Cynthia Tobias
"To Much Screen Time " with Arlene Pellicane
"Witnessing Sinful Lifestyles " with Rev Larson
"Learning About Mormonism" with Rev. James Likens
"One More Try" with Dr Gary Chapman
"Ministry Opportunities" with Pastor Shultz
"Dealing With Anger" with Kay Meyer
"Sharing The Good News With Native American's" with Kay Meyer
"Leaving The LDS" with Sandra Tanner
"Intro To Bible Study " with Kay Meyer
"Family fun in the Summer " with Kay Meyer
"Answering the Objectives of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics" with Dr. Ron Rhodes
"The Importance of Fathers" with Rev. Matthew Clark
"Wounded by God's People" with Anne Grahm Lotz
"Responding and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Dr. Ron Rhodes Part 2
"Responding and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer Part 1
"God Loves Moms" with Christina Hergenrader
"Suicide" with Peter Preus
"Mental Illness" with Joyce Johnston
"Go, First, Into the Home Part 2" with Kay Meyer
"Go, First, Into the Home" with Kay Meyer
"Unconditional Love and Grace in Marriage" with Roger Sonnenberg
"Ministering to Those With Disabilities" with Dr. Jack Preus
"The American Muhammad" with Dr. Alvin Schmidt
"Raising Media Savvy Kids" with Bob Waliszewski
"Transforming Families Through the Gospel" with Kay Meyer
"Spiritual Warfare" with Michael newman
"Marriage Issues" with Marty Lintvedt
""Stepping Out" with Deb Burma
"The Occult" with Marsha Montina
"Responding to Conflict Biblically" with Kay Meyer
""Behold, I am Coming Soon" with Rev. Bruce McKinney
"Reasoning with Jehovah's Witnesses" with Dr. Ron Rodes
"Conspiracy of the Lost Gospels" with Rev. Wayne Palmer
"About Family Shield" with Rev. Randy Asburry
"Unveiling Grace" with Lynn Wilder
"90 Minutes in Heaven" with Dr. Don Piper

- One Hour Family Shield Programs (Prior to 2008) -

"Polemics, Apologetics, and Earnics" with Kevin Meyer (Part 1)
"Polemics, Apologetics, and Earnics" with Kevin Meyer (Part 2)
"Responding to Atheists" with Dr. Ron Rhodes
"Responding to Wicca" with Marcia Montegra

Family Ministry
"Family Milestones for Congregations" with Krista Young and Jill Hestedt (Part 1)
"Family Milestones for Congregations" with Krista Young and Jill Hestedt (Part 2)
"The 5 Love Languages for Marriages" with Dr. Gary Chapman (Part 1)
"The 5 Love Languages for Marriages" with Dr. Gary Chapman (Part 2)

Spiritual Growth/Baptism
"What's This About Baptism" with Kevin Meyer (Part 1) *Bible Study available upon request*
"What's This About Baptism" with Kevin Meyer (Part 2) *Bible Study available upon request*

"Witnessing to Your Doctor"

"A Former Lesbian Speaks Up... Why I Left This Lifestyle"