9:30am Morning Worship 9:30am Morning Worship 9:30am Morning Worship
10:00am Redeemer Theological 10:0am Mission Central 10:00am Doxology
10:30am Rev. Brian Wolfmeuller 10:30am Domestic Abuse Center 10:30am Linda Fees - LWML/MS Walk
11:30am Larry Silhacek - LLL 11:30am Community Supper 11:30am Lutheran Witness
1:00pm Table Talk 1:00pm Hooked For Life 1:00pm Steadfast Lutherans
2:30pm Alzheimer's Support Group 2:30pm McCook Food Panry 2:30pm The MEDC/REAP
3:30pm Family Resource Center 3:30pm Habitat for Humanity 3:30pm Rev. Ed Naumann
4:30pm Community Action 4:30pm Sisters of Katie Luther/Humane Society 4:30pm Family Shield
5:00pm CASA/New Life 5:00pm   5:00pm President Snow - LCMS
5:30pm   5:30pm   5:30pm